Me & Gus...

made in our shades

Rome, 1939.

Before things went bad

with Benito

1979. Kissinger wouldn't give me the time of day. What a prick. I'll catch up to him one day soon.  

It ain't over between us, Hank.

Oh boy.  

Hussein and this sword?  

Oh those crazy Monaco nights. Some messed up shit. That dude cannot hold his liquor.

With Noriega. (What is up with these strongman types always showing off the size of their swords?)

With Ataturk, 1922.

That's a man who knew how to wear a hat.

Mao insisted that scissors beats rock.  Pol Pot asked me to settle the argument.


Those Crazy Hazy

Telethon Days!

Thanks for the


Terrific times on stage...

...and off stage!

Great Friends

...raising money for a great cause!

with Pablo

& Sammy,

blowing off

some steam


...uh, that ain't "steam," Jefe!

Album pages that were not, as it turns out, destroyed in that completely accidental fire après la guerre.

Some things are hard to explain. 

Can you ever truly understand another couple's relationship?

Carlo & the D!

...stirring the pot for 2020

The VP announcment... a huge, beautiful moment for America

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